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    Update for 10/02/2019

    Hello Everyone!

    Feeling a bit better today, so I’ll be back around the site and opening up the fiat to etn/live chat. It’s typical that just when I don’t need to be away from the site something goes pear shaped!


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    • I guess that as long as the delta in ETN to win is large enough been verified and non verified users, ypur approach makes sense. Then new users can get familiar with the site and win a small amount of ETN, but there’s still a drive to get verified and go for the bigger wins.

      • Hopefully, mate, it’s a shame because everyone is missing out otherwise! More people means more revenue and more revenue means we can do better things!

    • I think this is a good way to maintain potential new users and prove the legitimacy. But as Royl says there need to be a sufficient delta level for them to get verified.

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    FIAT/ETN is back! Thinking about unverified draws, wheel etc

    Hello everyone!

    It’s been a busy day and I’ve now managed to get out fiat to etn service back in action and much improved on the fee’s front although you know we still have PayPal fee’s for those outside the…

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    • This is awesome Chris! Really been looking forward to the buying service, hopefully this can bring some more users and members to the site as your fees make this a cheap easy option for people looking to buy ETN.
      I think you know the best way for the site in regards to managing members and draws, if your idea increases members, verification and activity then go for it!
      Great work fella! Thanks!

    • UPDATE:
      Used this service this morning. Eveything was quick and easy, ETN in my wallet in minutes, and having Chris at the end of a live chat gave peace of mind and made the whole experience more personal, confirming payments sent/received quickly and hassle free!
      Great job Chris!

  • Android mining has gone to the next level, Cloud mining has been activated. 😎💪

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  • Cloud mining on Android..Yay!

  • Quick update 09/02/2019

    Hi everyone,ย Just a quick note to say sorry I wasn’t around yesterday. Had a complication with the area of my jaw where I had recently had a wisdom tooth removed and had to go get that seen to. Now…

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  • Quick update for 05/02/2019

    Hi everyone,

    Quick update before I go off for the night! You may have noticed the stats have disappeared from the history page. This is due to me rolling back to a previous version to make things a bit more…

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    • dont worry all changes is fo a better site, Sorry for my writing, I only write in Spanish

    • Hello Chris. I have an observation on the wheel of fortune. It says we have 2 free spins every day but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me, maybe its a peculiar issue to me. If you could look into it or maybe correct the write up over there.

      • Hi Stev, yeah it has a problem at the moment that I’m trying to fix, if it gives the free spins it doesn’t charge for activity points and If I don’t give free spins people wonder why they can’t get the two free spins. Hopefully, I’ll have it fixed soon mate. Sorry about that!

  • Hi Guys, i’ll be offline now probably until like Monday morning. i’ve sunk a lot of time into the site this week so time to have a break before my eye’s turn square! Don’t worry, I’ll be looking now and again to check everythings ok and I’ll get payments out too, I think there is five to go maybe more now. Cheers, Chris.😵

    • Hmm, that wasn’t the emoji I chose 🤔

    • Well, you certainly deserve a break Chris! Great job on all the new features! The only feature that I can think of that I am missing these days is a quick way to find out ones ETN balance. You had this on the “My Profile” tab in the past, but that has disappeared, so there’s really no way to figure out my current ETN balance, expect for looking…Read More

      • Hi Royl, I’m just testing that this is now fixed and noticed your comment! It’s back to normal mate ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry about that. I did make a new post to let everyone know that I’d put a temporary balance display in the info tab but you must have missed it! Anyways it’s better with these tiles back! Hope you’re doing well!

  • Quick update 02/02/2019

    Hello everyone!

    Just a quick update, I’ve got quite a busy weekend ahead so I’ll be around a less over the next couple of days!Don’t worry though, if I’m needed here on the site to attend to anything I’ll be…

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    • Hey @cerskine1985 thanks for the update! Its good to see how much activity is going on on the site.

      Once thing I just noticed, and not sure if its intentional or not but the WoF isn’t deducting activity points from my balance – the AP’s stay at 7 and I can just keep spinning the wheel for free. Its great but not 100% sure its supposed to do that!

      • Hi Huw, I’ve taken a look at this and adjusted it. Not sure why it’s doing that. Definitely, have to have a look through next week to straighten things out. Don’t worry too much guys, I’ll keep an eye on the emission and plays and make any adjustments as necessary! You guys just enjoy playing it for now! Thanks for taking the time to bring this to my attention!

    • Incredible stuff, and impressive how well everything has been going. Keep up the awesome work!

  • This morning I downloaded the new iphone mining app which I have long awaited.

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    • Ah, you lucky lass! You’ll be enjoying cloud mining then! I think all the apple users deserve this exclusive time, as you said you guys have waited patiently for a long time! Are you enjoying it? Feel free to share some pictures here!

      • Well,enjoying it may not be quite the right word…as a person with severe OCD I have been checking the screen every few seconds to see if it actually mined,as you see from the photo it is! I then had to calculate how long it might take to mine enough to convert to sterling to buy an electric blue mini cooper I have seen and concluded I will not…Read More

  • Slight change to home page!

    Hello everyone!

    I hope everyone is enjoying the new wheel of fortune! Obviously in terms of payout and luck per spin it’ll take time to get that perfect but do bare with me!

    Anyway the point of this post is to…

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    • Hi Chris. Just a few things, as I observed. I must say I am very well impressed by how the site developed since I joined. And activity points + wheel of fortune seems a great way to earn some free etn if one has extra time to spare. As you pointed out indeed, I think that the wheel of fortune needs a little improvement. On how it appears now, one might think there is a 50/50 chance to win. From what I tested, I got 7 wins/58 draws. I don’t mind, I was lucky enough to get the 1.5 for 2 draws. But I am thinking of maybe would be a better option to lower the rewards so they sum up the same amount in the total payouts to all users but have a more even distribution on win/loss. I am thinking solely from the point of view of new users here, as I personally already earned enough etn to know it worths bearing with your project. In regards with activity points, I think this is a great way to empower referrals, as you can count now the activity. As I see it right now, people are afraid to spread the news because they might diminish their chances to win. What if you could incentivize this type of marketing and make a pay of let’s say 1 etn for each 10 activity points the referral makes, not counting wheel of fortune for activity. Or whatever algorithm you find suitable and you think it can pay off . I consider that the biggest problem now is that people need to find value in etn first before finding it in your project. Trying to get on board people from outside crypto sphere is hard. Otherwise, hats off for all your work.

      • This is an awesome idea. Getting etn as rewards for referral’s activities. Will surely see an increased growth.
        Another idea; maybe getting a certain percentage of total etn won by referrals at the end of the week will see more people spread the word. Its a win win for everyone.
        About the wheel of fortune, i think there should be an option where we click when we want to wheel to stop spinning rather than waiting for it to stop automatically. Its so hard to win any etn from the wheel as it seems its been preset to be difficult. LOL.. Secondly, Have an option where we can increase amount of activ points to stake for a better chance to win or a slightly increased reward. Thank you.
        I appreciate all your efforts. Site is looking great

        • In the early days of the site, Chris had a referral system in place. There was a pretty decent ETN reward for the users with the most referrals. I recall it didn’t work very well and therefore was stopped, not sure about the details. Maybe it was related to the issues with fair user registration at that time, which is solved now, so maybe a referral system would work these days.
          I do see Chris is doing an awesome job to promote other crypto and ETN sites. I’m hoping some of those return the favour and promote freeetncentral, that’s probably the easiest way to increase the user base…

      • Another refenerce point: I hit 22 wins in about 70 spins, but only hit 0.1-0.5 ETN, no 1.5 or 3.0.

        • Please be assured that the current luck/payout of the wheel is in line with revenue you that the wheel is generating (Actually it’s slightly over). If the revenue situation changes with the wheel it will be reflected in the emission rate of ETN from the wheel. This may mean more difficulty or less difficulty. As everyone knows, all prizes on the site are funded by revenue generated by the site.

      • Ok guys, so I’ll answer everything in this thread in a video post asap.

    • Good to see the site is still up and running and developing.

      • Aww Karen, great to see you! Yes we’re plodding on here! Hope you’re well ๐Ÿ™‚

  • A fantastic video from North East Texas Technologies, this video will take you to the next level in risk management for your Electroneum holdings. It’s quite a long one, but by the end you’ll be able to work the CLI wallet and transfer from CLI to any address, to paper wallet and from paper wallet. Really pleased to see this video as many people…Read More

  • Extended summer break has ended, back to work ๐Ÿ™

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  • great games.thanks for etn admin

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  • Cryptopia hack update from Rasta G over at Electroneum universe. I know I’ve probably said this a million times but please DO NOT STORE ANY SIGNIFICANT FUNDS ON EXCHANGES!. You will be at risk.

    Big respect to Rasta G for trying to warn others and make them aware that cryptopia is hacked!

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  • Getting there with the wheel of fortune, the activity point wheel not so much lol What I’ll do is give everyone 50 activity points to try out the wheel whilst I try to work out why the activity wheel is doing things it shouldn’t! Should be up fairly soon, please remember that it’s a ork in progress, it may not be perfect yet and the prize amounts…Read More

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    • That’s a work in progress and not an ork lol Need a new keyboard, this one is causing typing problems!

      • That’s funny ๐Ÿ™‚ i was reading that sentence 3 times ๐Ÿ™‚
        I tested the magic wheel, seems to work fine (except for me being not very lucky ;)). Won 0.1ETN in 5 spins. Deduction of activity points as well as the addition of the won ETN works fine! I’ll continue spinning for a bit more…

        • Haha! Yeah, I have to be careful at first with the luck/payout levels to make sure we don’t just blow away a whole load of ETN without it being matched or somewhere close! Once I see the results I’ll be able to better understand how to make things better!

      • It does not seem to be particular optimized on a mobile device. Half the wheel sometimes are not visible.

        And is the wheel supposed to rum around or something graphically? As when you spin the wheel you can’t really see if it has spun or something. So when the needle was on “no win” og and you spin for another “no win”, you mau Wonder if it spun…Read More

  • Site upgrades, new wheel of fortune, activity points!

    Hello Everyone!So some great news today, some new features that i’m sure you guys will love!ย You guys will know that I’ve been banging on about a wheel of fortune for sometime now! I’ve wanted to get this implemented for…

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    • Thanks for the update Chris,
      I really like the idea of rewarding engagement with content on the site and making it more of a 2-way relationship/community here as well as the lottery and draws.
      Looking forward to seeing this work over the next few days and fingers crossed for the wheel of fortune!
      Keep up the great work

      • Cheers mate, I think everyone will like it! Once we’ve got this sorted and it’s all smooth it’s scratchcards next! 👍

    • This is great Chris, I’ve only been visiting the site for a month, won loads of free ETN and seeing the work you’re putting in to improve and add new content and features is very impressive.
      Good work fella.

      • Thanks, Nik. I’m glad you’re enjoying it mate 👍 Slowly but surely we’ll get to where we want the site to be!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    • This is awesome, I love this new addition! Halfway through the news feed I was getting worried about the risk of useless messages and spamming, but even that has been thought of. I think these features will make the site even more enjoyable. Great job Chris.

      • Hi Royl, hope you keeping well! the punishment isn’t too harsh a deduction of points but if people are clearly just spamming I’ll adjust it to make sure it definitely doesn’t pay to spam! We’ll see how this goes over the next few weeks and then add some more fun stuff in!

    • Great stuff and constantly growing and trying to make things better. You ROCK!!

    • Great updates made to site to earn more on a great up and coming platform.

    • Thanks for the fifty points to play with, I used mine all up! good fun though. One suggestion, and not how hard it’d be to implement but could you have the option to select your ‘stake’ in activity points with corresponding adjustments to the prizes and/or number of ‘no win’ sections? Maybe have the option of staking 1, 3, 5 and 10 activity points?
      As i said, its easy for me to suggest but probably a lot less easy to implement! Really liked playing though. 10/10!

      • I’ll definitely keep that in mind however, I’m unsure if it would work out with our model! Glad you enjoyed playing mate, just another way to push that balance up across the threshold!

    • This is a very great innovation and welcome development..keep it up chris

      • Hi Guchee, did you ever get your app problem sorted? Really sorry, my memory is absolutely terrible! If not get in contact and I’ll make it a priority to see if I can help you. If not, I can ask a couple of members here on the site if they can help. I know we have two users who have much stronger knowledge and experience within app development and coding!

    • Hello Chris.. I just bumped into bittube extension. I don’t know if you must have thought of it earlier… Is there any way you could integrate that into the site. I know it blocks ad from the site, could you work around the ad block and also compare revenue from tube or ads. Just thought i should let you know though.

  • Quick Update 28/01/2019

    Hi Everyone! 

    Just a quick update to make everyone aware of our loyalty tiles which are launching in trial mode today! 

    Everyday, in the morning, the afternoon and the evening you’ll have the chance to collect 0.33 etn for clicking a…

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