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  • These are my thoughts
    1. Give options to the users – like weekly, bi weekly, monthly, or accumulate on freeetncenrtal site and have transfer done upon request,
    2. As you suggested, increase the amount of ETN and reduce the number of draw options
    3. Any bot system that can be implemented to have the payout done.

    • Great thought #1…I agree with that, also Chris could implement minimal transfer amount of e.g. 100 ETN, so he doesn’t need to make transfers for smaller amounts.

    • I am in for option 3. We should find a solution around this challenge, so that the ETN will be easier to adopt also for batch payments. 😊

      I didn’t investigate it yet, but what are the options for payments? Is the instant payment over the app the only option?
      Or is there also some API that allows multiple payments? Like vendors API?

      But with…Read More

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