Mobile Miner Multiplier

A special draw only for unverified accounts! 

We realise you may be apprehensive about completing verification. That’s why we’ve created a draw just for unverified users, to give you a chance to win some etn, get to know us and hopefully verify to enter our higher value draws. In this draw, you will have the opportunity to double your mobile mining for the day by winning 5 ETN if you’re drawn in one of 15 winning slots. Give it a shot, watch your wallet balance grow and join a community of loyal and grateful users who grow their balance for free, every single day! 

Welcome to the mobile miner multiplier draw, specially created to allow our unverified users to join in the fun and grow their etn balance!

You have a chance to double your mobile mining payout for the day simply by entering this draw and checking back to see if you’ve won.

Our draws open at 00:01 GMT every day and close at 23:45 GMT. Just check back to see if you’ve won and leave a comment to claim your 5 ETN!

Payment threshold for unverified accounts is 10 ETN. Once you reach 10 ETN we will transfer you’re winning to you provided Electroneum wallet receive address.

There are Fifteen winning slots in this draw, paying 5 ETN per slot.

PLEASE DO NOT CREATE DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS OR USE VPN’S OR ANY OTHER METHOD TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM. We will be reviewing all entries for these draws and you will forfeit your prize and your account on the site will banned.  This rule will be enforced strictly to protect genuine users.

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Draw Date Winners
#5 14/02/2019 23:50
  1. No winner for this draw
#4 13/02/2019 23:51
  1. No winner for this draw
#3 12/02/2019 23:53
  1. No winner for this draw
#2 11/02/2019 23:52
  1. No winner for this draw
#1 10/02/2019 23:50
  1. No winner for this draw

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